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Mobiquest: The Cartographer of Customer Adhesion

si Team
Sunday, August 23, 2015
si Team
In the mobile age with an ever increasing competition & changing consumer preferences, it has become paramount to retain customers, besides making new ones. This gave dawn to a fresh concept - Mobile Loyalty & Data Analytics - to retain them through discounts, bonus and other offerings that are in tune to their preferences and expectations.

In the last decade, consumers were introduced with plastic cards, which they could punch to be rewarded with certain points. But since carrying cards has also become antediluvian, seeing the fortune of the smartphone world, reward apps are now in the market. Yet, most of the apps do not offer the best deals leaving the path with a plethora of others to fill in the gaps. Partnered with over 150 brands in eight sectors, Mobiquest introduced M'loyal in 2010 to provide brands with a platform to capture customers and cluster them based their purchase/buying patterns and send out communication that is much more precise and highly relevant to the consumer.

Promoting Staunchness Rewards

Established in 2008 by Vineet Narang, Mobiquest offers a consummate spectrum of services for mobile based sales and advertising solutions. M'loyal, being the exclusive offering from the company, avails customers with reward points amassed through purchases consumers make. Accumulated points are assembled in the app and once a certain cap is reached, consumers can redeem the points to purchase from the same brand. On the other hand, it facilitates retailers capture consumer across all channels (social, POS, mobile, Web), clusters consumers based on germane parameters (purchase, frequency, location, time, data, product affinity & more) and utilizes M'loyal's inbuilt Campaign Manager to send out campaigns and track ROI for brands in real time. Thanks to Mobiquest's highly proficient user experience/product development team, the platform is intuitive enough to support-free globally.

Along with loyalty platform, Mobiquest also offers m'apps which aids in capturing consumer data on the field using handheld devices. Through data analytics, this SaaS based company evaluates the data and presents customer-specific discounts based on their purchase and spending history. This allegiance program has already reached 70 million consumers (from one store mom/pop shop to huge brands with over 1000 stores) tracking over Rs.15 billion worth transactions annually. Vineet Narang, the CEO & Founder expounds, "A product well done gives the much needed control to the user, minimizes sales costs, increases word of mouth, lessens support structure and drives customer objectives seamlessly".

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