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SI Team
Tuesday, May 3, 2016
SI Team
As the pace of technological growth accelerates day-by-day, Business Continuity management must keep up within companies to enable them to face elevated market demands and regulatory mandates. Key business and technology changes need to be evaluated by companies from their own perspectives and outlooks including the impact on critical processes, the risks involved, and how advances in technology can be leveraged to enhance their Business Continuity capabilities. Furthermore, Business Continuity provides a firm structure for an organization to lean on in times of emergencies and offers stability and security as well as enhanced internal capabilities. Acknowledging this requisite need, MLC and Associates, Inc. (MLC) helps companies in various industries with Business Continuity solutions, corporate performance management and other services to improve effectiveness, increase self-sufficiency and get businesses back on track after a disruption.

"We developed our Business Continuity practice by focusing on four major building blocks: people, processes, technology, and facilities," says Prashant Kumar, President and CEO at MLC.

Apart from the consulting solutions offered, the company also has a Business Continuity cloud-based tool and a mobile app for easy trouble-free access by clients anywhere and at any time. MLC intends to continue to build on its Business Continuity solution and integrate new age technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI). The company intends the solution to work across any market, any industry, and any organization and plans to offer its entire expertise in Business Continuity to support clients in the long-term. "We are also looking at expanding to other markets primarily in China, India, and U.S.," concludes Prashant.

Further, MLC is able to provide a broad spectrum of services including custom application development and project management. The firm offers a plethora of expertise for organizations to make their operations nimble, more streamlined, and effective. MLC's solutions include organizational and strategic assessments, strategic and tactical planning, corporate performance management, quality improvement, program management, and other related disciplines.

The Blending of Technology and Performance Management as a Strategy

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