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Meet the Innovators

Christo Jacob
Sunday, May 5, 2013
Christo Jacob
If an economy is to develop fully, entrepreneurship should be allowed to flourish. The Silicon Valley has always done that, even at the very early stage and that's where Indians could contribute and create a deep impact to the economy. Today Indian companies support more than 250,000 jobs for locals in the United States. In addition, Indian companies have invested more than $4.9 billion and employ more than 27,000 Americans. That's why Indian entrepreneurs have always been the toast of the Silicon Valley.

This month, with TiECON's annual and regional (East) events approaching, while entrepreneurship is in the air for Indian community, we present some compelling stories of few Indian entrepreneurs who have created a dent in the industry. Raj Sardana, Co-Founder & CEO of American Cyber Systems, who is on the cover this month, is one such veteran entrepreneur who has built a massively successful organization for effective work force management. While scripting American Cyber Systems Sardana braved all odds that an expat has to face in the U.S., and he truly embodies the spirit of a quintessential Silicon Valley entrepreneur.

Moreover, in this issue we present to you siTech10 2013- 10 Most Promising Technology Companies in U.S. We could not have found a better time to announce 10 companies which are creating a buzz in the CIO circles and also moving ahead in the market. They are not only great in technology, but also dynamic to bring in business value.

We had deep discussions with as many as 100 U.S. based Indian entrepreneurs while producing this issue. The hallmark of all these entrepreneurs is a great passion for their startups and long-term commitment. We wish them all good luck and hope for great success ahead.

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