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May - 2007 - issue > Tech Marketing

Marketing Online

Zain Jewanjee
Wednesday, May 2, 2007
Zain Jewanjee
In dealing with and discussing the issue of online marketing, the primary question I have always faced is: Does it really work? After all, meeting a person, and interacting with him face to face helps create a bonhomie the internet can ill-afford to create, and who will deny that the bonhomie helps one acquire and retain customers.

To that I pop an inadvertent question: Does Bill Gates or any of his associates meet you regularly? How then do you still use Windows? And how is it that you use Adobe Acrobat by default, without any Adobe salesperson coming to your door?

There’s no denying the strength of a personalized approach, but as lives become faster, people would rather prefer to look at prospective buys in their free time, versus when a salesperson might please.

That apart, there are various advantages that marketing over the internet equips one with:

Cost of customer acquisition: The internet has brought down the cost of a new customer acquisition to almost zero. Gone is the cost of paying the salesperson who goes to the customer, the conveyance charges. All you must do is send the information about your product through a simple e-mail.

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