Managing Resources Needs Focus On Key Risks

Jeff Theiler
SVP & Chief Information Security Officer-Hancock Bank
Tuesday, December 3, 2013
Jeff Theiler
Hancock Holding Company (NASDAQ: HBHC) is the parent company of Hancock Bank in Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida and Whitney Bank in Louisiana and Texas with a market cap of $2.73 billion.

Resources to Meet the Security Challenges

For security professionals, or any management professional for that matter, the key to managing limited resources is to focus on the key risks. Sound governance, risk and compliance practices are an effective way to manage limited information security resources - they may even
lead to more resources!

The need for improved risk management focus, among other things, is changing the CISO role.
The CISO role is transitioning beyond primarily a technical focus to include skill-sets related to business strategy integration and risk management principles. With these skills,
CISOs are being asked to facilitate business solutions balancing the needs of securing information with the business needs for information access and convenience to achieve

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