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October - 2014 - Special issue > Top 5 Most Promising Telecom Solution Providers

mCarbon Tech Innovation: Monetizing Telecom Realm with Differentiated Communication Solutions

Kavitha G.
Monday, October 27, 2014
Kavitha G.
The rapid transformation in the telecom industry has not only leveraged brand-new pathways to ease the deadlocks that the people face, but also has paved the way for telecom businesses to acquire a subdued growth. Amidst the scenario where customers have myriad choices laid in front of them, traditional models of service delivery have lost their charm and the frameworks that enable differentiated customer experience have been developed as a need of the hour, today. It has become imperative for telecom operators to partner with those who bring forth the right mix of technology, methods of engagement and system integration capabilities thus enabling them to reach their business goals easily. Noida based telecom solutions provider,mCarbon is one such leading partner that develops markets and manages customer engagement solutions around usage and revenue, customer life cycle management to give operators various means to engage with its customers assisting them to keep pace with their customer demands, but also help them to stay ahead of the pack.

Started with few disruptive ideas in 2008, mCarbon now stands as a leading mobile technology solutions innovator providing robust telecom services that enhance usage, retention and create superior customer engagement. "We specialize in thinking ahead of the curve and provide exceptional client service by going beyond what is realistically expected of us from our clients. The agility with which our team comes out with various product offerings is exceptional and that is what makes us stay ahead in the pecking order of suppliers to the telecom industry," asserts Rajesh Razdan, co-founder &CEO , mCarbon Tech Innovation Pvt. Ltd.

As a B2B Communication Solution Provider, mCarbon serves in providing a diversified range of services that endeavours to bridge the gap between the teleco customers and the service providers. Concerning this, the company has tailored and customized many products and the flagship products of mCarbon are in the areas of usage and revenue such as micro loan or advance for talk time and data , dynamic end of call notification using consumption analytics and usage patterns.

mCarbon believes in continuous innovation and the cutting-edge inventions crafted out in the company is italicized by the entrepreneurial and meritocratic work culture. The open door platform vested in the organization gears up the crew to express their opinions freely, thus helping the company to step beyond its success barriers. "We lay our trust in employees' capabilities empowering them to take decisions and break boundaries thus facilitating plethora of career progression pathways and avenues for success," adds Rajesh.

With leading telecom operators as its clientele, the company has been successfully serving countries like India, South Asia, Bangladesh and Nepal. With this, the company also endeavours to spread their wings across all pre-paid economies of the world by building right strategic alliances thus helping them to reach goal faster and more efficiently.

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