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February - 2008 - issue > CEO Spot Light

Low-cost, low-power silicon

Balaji Baktha
Friday, February 1, 2008
Balaji Baktha
Unlike in the past when IT spends of enterprises and telecom companies determined semiconductor industry’s future, the growth of the industry is today dictated by the consumer spend on gadgets. The days when only consumers in the western geographies used to contribute to the semiconductor market growth have passed. Lately, the middle class population in emerging economies such as Brazil, Russia, India, and China, (BRIC countries) is spending big on gadgets thereby providing bulk of the growth for the industry.

To address this growing market, it is imperative to have diverse product portfolios with unique value proposition. Hence you have to look at the macro picture as well as the micro picture to build a successful company. With the convergence of technologies it is crucial to “create and share the content”, any time any where. At the root of all these is the need to compute, process, and stay connected at the lowest cost possible, which means low-cost silicon footprint along with lowest power.

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