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LogicHub Secures $8.4 Million Series A to Develop its Security Intelligence Automation Platform

si Team
Wednesday, February 8, 2017
si Team
Bengaluru: Process automation company - LogicHub, secures $8.4 million in its Series A funding led by Storm Ventures and Nexus Venture Partners. With this, company emerges of its stealth mode and also announced its new approach to threat detection that scales human security intelligence through automation which will reduce the chance of a missed breach by more than 10X.

"LogicHub has found a way to capture and automate the knowledge and expertise of the most skilled cyber analysts, which results in much deeper threat detection," says Kumar Saurabh, CEO, LogicHub.

Founded in 2015 by Kumar and Monica Jain, LogicHub's human automation software enables new employee or analyst to gain unrestricted access to organization's security brain trust and become as capable as the most advanced team members. Additionally, LogicHub's software also secures the data if a security analyst departs an organization; their ethnic knowledge stays within the company, rather than becoming lost or unusable.

"If the headlines are teaching us anything at all, it's that in spite of massive amounts of security events being collected every day, current rule' and search-based SIEMs and pure AI solutions are failing to detect a significant portion of security threats. At the end of the day, experienced cyber analysts are much better at detecting threats and triaging false alarms than the security tools available, but given the magnitude of the challenge, most teams can only inspect a tiny fraction of all security events collected in-depth," adds Kumar.

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