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Letters To The Editor

Saturday, January 1, 2000

On receiving my latest copy of siliconindia, I was immediately struck by your large-type comment on the cover page: "IT'S NOT ABOUT MONEY." The editorial reiterates this point and provides the answer: "It is the thrill of converting ideas into reality." This same point is made, once again, in the centerfold, which also indicated that it is "the romance of building companies."

Hogwash! On page 47 of your very own magazine, in an advertisement for siliconindia, you get down to the truth of the matter in your list of things to do: "wake up, shower, get job with a startup, work hard, go public and buy a jaguar for twenty-sixth birthday." This certainly conflicts with the noble ideas expressed in your own editorial and in the centerfold.

It is also interesting that the January 2000 issue of Red Herring, on its cover, says "Silicon Valley used to care more about innovation than getting rich. No longer." This is followed by an article which concludes that "An obsession with the instant gratification of easy wealth is hurting the high-tech industry."

It would be a mistake to conclude that this illustrates the difference in values between us Indians and native-born US types. In the last five years, I have met many Indians whose social conversation is limited to bragging about their investments, their SUVs and their second Mercedes cars.

I am afraid that easy money makes pigs of us all, without regard to race or creed. It is an Equal Opportunity Issue.

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