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Leadership Tips that Help Entrepreneurs across the Board

By Pradeep Vajram, CEO, SmartPlay Technologies
Monday, April 20, 2015
By Pradeep Vajram, CEO, SmartPlay Technologies
Founded in 2008, SmartPlay Technologies is a Bangalore based design services company that holds expertise in digital, analog, wireless software and system design.

In a career spanning over 20+ years and experience with two corporate giants, LSI Logic & Qualcomm, and two start-ups, Spike Technologies and SmartPlay Technologies, I am fortunate to have gotten an opportunity to work with many successful leaders in the industry. In my opinion, leadership is an art that has to be practiced and perfected.

Many a times in my career, I have been asked what makes a good leader. What is the secret to build a successful company? What are the key attributes to become an effective leader? I learnt the answers to many of these questions while working with and observing some of the best leadership minds in the industry that I continue to leverage.

My journey as the co-founder of my first start-up Spike Technologies was among the biggest learning experiences of my career. The decade that I spent building and growing the company took me through the best of situations and the rockiest of territories that hardened me as a leader. Several of my experiences at Spike Technologies, have helped me to a great extent at my second start-up, SmartPlay Technologies. Here are a few key qualities, I have learnt, that makes a strong leader.

Three Qualities that a Leader Should Possess

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