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Ptex Solutions: Relish the Perfect Blend of Domain Acumen, Technology & Industry Best Practices

Kavitha G.
Friday, April 17, 2015
Kavitha G.
With Wills Lifestyle, Louis Philippe, Reliance Trends and other fashion hot spots grabbing the limelight this summer with their latest collections, the fashion industry seems to be making the word 'trendy' more serious. These brands are indeed the emperors of the empire of fashion today, but rewinding back few years, their life unveiled a different story. The exciting infancy of these brands was ruled by a demon of unsystematic and unorganized models which craved for best-in-class technology backed PLM solutions that could scale up their business rapidly. As one of the first entrants in the fashion technology industry then and second-to-none PLM enabler now, Ptex Solutions – a Mumbai headquartered company, became a perfect elixir for them and since then they have been instrumental in filling an organized life to the industry.

The proud venture of Prasam Group of Companies, Ptex Solutions forayed into the fashion technology industry in 2004 and soon they came up roses in parking their brands in eminent hearts like Aditya Birla Nuvo (Madura Fashion and Lifestyle), Lifestyle and Retailing Business Division of ITC Limited, Gini & Jony and Arvind Limited. The equation for this trailing success was simple: 'doing the basics thing right' and was also a factor which made them to cut through the clutter of mundane industry and work with Retail, Apparel and Footwear companies in India, U.S., UK, Europe and Asia. Ptex endeavors to implement the PLM solutions crystallized at the heart of global leaders like Infor, Lawson and Freeborders by partnering with them. The company even went a step further and helped Infor develop the new generations of PLM solutions.

Succoring the Fashion Predicaments
With more and more fashion destinations going online, it has become hassle-free for the people to search for their favorites, while reaping-in awareness about the new trend in the industry has become more convenient. But there goes into a lot of endeavors before a trend sets a storm. While the rapidly breeding up technology paves the path for innovations that crave faster-time-to-market, the fashion connoisseurs beat their brains out in crystallizing the new storm of tomorrow. As a pioneer of PLM in Indian fashion industry, Ptex' understands the market well and invests the finest blend of domain acumen, technology and industry best practices, thus helping their patrons to embrace the technology changes and triumph over the challenges like the time-to-market. "Over the years, we have expanded the solutions into different areas which were not covered in PLM earlier like quality management, time and action, planning and visual merchandising. We support everything from mind to market," proclaims Prasham Kamdar, Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Ptex Solutions.

The Success Ingredients

"We have the right people on board who have led our company to celebrate the bliss of appreciations from the patrons for the domain expertise we implement," opines Prasham. With positive people on board, the company possesses a custom of empowering teams through team-building events and a no-bureaucracy environment to appreciate the hard work of the employees. Celebrating their excellence, Ptex has recently forayed into the mobile industry through building a team of mobile application developers. With adding more value-added solutions to the portfolio, the company is rearing up to fill flesh to their vision of developing into a global leader.

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