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iPOTT launches group of companies

ST Team
Sunday, December 7, 2008
ST Team
iPOTT Softech Services

" Champions of Change"
Born in an IT DOES MATTER scenario with an ambitious destination to 'create a change'. Our vision is to diminish the digital divide by providing IT solutions, propagating IT deployment, providing virtual IT support disseminating focused trainings.

We aim to promulgate the benefits of using Information Technology to SMEs. We analyze digitization needs, revamp business processes & provide requisite system Training. We endeavor to introduce some well developed, easily adaptable, customizable and cost effective - Integrated Business Solutions - for Small and Mid Sized Enterprises. In today's multi complex IT environment we offer packaged oracle and database support services.

To know more log on to www.ipott.in

iPOTT Softech India Private Limited

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