Internet of Thing & The Scope for Digital Marketing

Ashwin Dewan - Founder & Chief, geek4green
Monday, December 14, 2015
Ashwin Dewan - Founder & Chief, geek4green
Headquartered in Mumbai, geek4green is a Creative Agency that specializes in Social Media Marketing & Mobile App development for clients from both the B2B & B2C segment from major industries like Technology, Financial Services, Fashion & Lifestyle, Media and many more.

The Internet of Things (IoT - also known simply as connected devices) is the next logical step in our endeavor to create a connected life. It is estimated there will be 25 billion devices connected to the Internet, accounting for a market size of $600 billion by 2019 (source: Based on insights from a BI Intelligence report).

Simply put, 'Internet of Things' refers to enabling of devices to connect to each other, transmit, report or act on real-world data from our environment like temperature, lighting, distance, the presence or absence of people or objects and many more.

Currently, most of the data on the Internet is being produced & consumed by people (text, image, audio & video). In the very near future, more and more information would be produced & consumed by machines, communicating between themselves to (hopefully) improve the quality of our lives.

I believe that companies will now need to develop new marketing models, which take into account this exchange of data. If, for example, censors in your home or clothes are able to recognize & monitor your body temperature, and on a cold day this censor might be able to 'talk' to your mobile device via an app that prompts you to enjoy a cup of hot chocolate or any other hot drink based on your preference history. On the app there will, of course, be brand advertisement that persuades a user to visit certain cafes based on the proximity of the user to the retail outlet.

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