Abiding by the Perfect Match is the Key to Survival

si Team
Tuesday, December 8, 2015
si Team
We all remember playing video games in our childhood. Most of us play now as well. But what's more intriguing - playing alone or with a partner? I bet most of us enjoyed playing alone, but whenever we had a perfect partner to help us cross the stage we were struggling since long, we never denied welcoming them to play with us. An impeccable partner and the game is ours. This is precisely true when it comes to companies and their legal partners. A true partner nullifies any legal intricacies irrespective of provision, industry, vertical, geography or others.

We are witnessing huge number of startups emerging almost from every country. And with the much affordable technologies of today, these startups go global from day one. This has made the game fiercer, but future existence and expansion into new territories seek the perfect legal partner. A small mistake and the game is over. With technology taking the forefront, even legal companies have started embracing them and perfecting the art of legality in it to help their clients encounter only positivity. Amid international law taking the front seat, almost all the legal firms brag of providing services in this vertical. With the vast ocean of such providers, it is really a tough time for companies, especially startups, to find that perfect partner who can help them sail through times tough and typical.

Understanding these quandaries, siliconindia has identified 'Top 20 Legal Consultants of the Year - 2015'. The list comprises of eminent legal consultants who have been serving clients across industries for years and in the process has been updating themselves. Few of these firms also play vital role in devising laws with the government.

Apart from that, we bring to you the cover story of 'EcomNets: World's TOP Cybersecurity Thought Leader & Influencer'. The company has been growing leaps and bounds under the leadership of Raj Kosuri, CEO & CTO and delivering the industry best security services.

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