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Integrity In Immigration Law Advocacy

Syeda Tina Tabin
Tuesday, February 11, 2014
Syeda Tina Tabin
The immigration law in the U.S. has been compared to the country's tax code in terms of its complexity. The legal considerations and analysis of regulations require patience, careful attention and in-depth knowledge of the law.

The Law Offices of Brian J. Halliday, founded by Brian Halliday, excels in understanding these complexities and serves corporations, their employees and individuals in the practice areas of immigration and nationality law. Based in Cleveland, Ohio and serving clients throughout the United States, the company also focuses on sub-practice areas including corporate immigration, family-based immigration and citizenship, investment-based immigration, complex Requests for Evidence (RFE) and appeals, and immigration matters for medical, scientific and research professionals.

The firm handles PERM matters and all employment-based preference petitions across all business sectors in employment-based immigration arena. It has rich experience in overcoming PERM audits, RFEs and NOIDs (Notices of Intent to Deny), as well as appeals to all administrative bodies and the federal court system. In addition, the firm practices in the EB-5 investor green card area and features strong competency in all matters for the medical industry. In terms of family-based immigration, the law firm provides representation in all family-based immigration matters-- from K visas, family preference petitions and immediate relative cases, to contentious Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) cases, removal of conditions for separated and divorced couples and family-based matters within the jurisdiction of the Immigration Courts.

For non-immigrant matters, The Law Offices of Brian J. Halliday handles typical work-authorized cases like H-1B, L-1, E visas and the like. It has a proven track record in moving these cases at the speed of business, under a highly competitive fee structure, and with attention to detail unattainable at high-volume discount firms. The firm also provides companies with assistance in doing business abroad, and employer sanctions (I-9) consultation and defense.

Halliday's venture has a remarkable experience of serving clients not only in the Cleveland area, but nationwide and internationally. With vast know-how on immigration law, he expresses that "there is a sharp rise in poorly handled cases from firms which process immigration cases at a budget fee, with little to no attorney oversight. This can promote an environment where the goal becomes working cases fast and cheap, often resulting in oversights that come back to haunt the foreign national later in their immigration process."

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