Inovea: Bestowing A Superior Cyber Security and Big Data Analytics Solutions

SI Team
Thursday, December 11, 2014
SI Team
The business world today is comprised of a slew of vibrant and varying industries, outstretched to new heights and horizons. This landscape has showcased companies and business leaders a profusion of unprecedented opportunities and challenges, which together are laying the roots for their impending success. But as these different verticals are striving to thrive in their respective areas, there are many common challenges and pain points emanating in their path to success. IT outsourcing is one of them. As companies around the world depend on its services and amenities, they have realized that IT outsourcing is not a hassle free process and therefore, to derive the maximum value out of their service providers is a strenuous task. Increasing costs has also adversely affected IT outsourcing which has brought executives under immense pressure to procure more ROIs. Cyber Security Threats and data explosion are also becoming major concerns for the companies and organizations of every size.

Incepted with a sole mission to deliver eminent and all encompassing solutions for the aforementioned challenges, McLean, VA based Inovea, since a decade, is enabling its clients to become more accentuated and superlative with their nimbleness and extreme customer focused nature. "We take pride in our world class trusted client services," exclaims Sasidhar Reddy, CEO & Co-founder of Inovea. He further adds, "We have the ability to respond rapidly to the needs of our customers and we measure our success based on the mutually agreed KPIs." Under the exquisite leadership of Sasidhar, the company has made a scintillating diverse clientele, which includes World Bank, Chase, Freddie Mac, FDIC, USPTO, HP, AT&T, Polycom, Mass Mutual, State Farm Insurance and Reader's Digest, to name a few.

Proffering an Elegant Experience
To answer the proliferating concerns of cyber threat, the company has come up with robust, integrated solutions across the technology stack of infrastructure, applications and services, such as Advanced Threat Protection, Incident Response, Security Engineering, Penetration Testing, Compliance Consulting, Identity Management, Threat Intelligence and Monitoring.Pertaining to augment the ROI, Inovea assist its clients with its top talents and adequate personals, who in confluence lead a sublime optimization and increase of the value and ROI by keeping the project costs compliant. This firm has also developed products and solutions on mobile computing platforms to serve clients anytime and anywhere, and to proffer an elegant experience in executing projects of varying sizes.

Roadmap for the Future
On briefing about the roadmap for the imminent years, Sasidhar Reddy, CEO & Co-founder of the firm says, "While we continue to help our clients with their IT needs by being a trusted service provider, we are also developing new and innovative products in the Cyber Security space to help secure our customers. We are developing various concepts in the big data space to help our customers leverage their data to gain valuable insights."

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