Innovation and Technology go Hand-in-Hand

Muralidharan Ramachandran
CIO-Syntel Inc.
Wednesday, October 2, 2013
Muralidharan Ramachandran
Troy based Syntel, Inc. (NASDAQ: SYNT) is a multinational provider of Information Technology (IT) and Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) solutions. Founded in 1980, the company has a market cap of $ 3.32 billion.

Disruptive Technologies Facilitate Innovation
There are various disruptive technologies shaping the industry to deliver business innovation. Mobile and data collaboration tools and technologies are helping businesses to focus on enabling their employees, customers and other stakeholders. This helps them leverage their rising mobile lifestyle, empowers them to collaborate and provides them with contextual information on a near real-time basis. Technologies such as social media are providing enterprises with the opportunity to get deeper insights into customer behavior patterns and provide the framework to dynamically connect knowledge-sharing and content-creating capabilities between individuals.

Technologies such as Analytics and Big Data are helping organizations process structured and unstructured information, sourced from traditional legacy systems such as ERP, CRMs, and social media feeds, to create contextual engagement and personalized interactions that can drive businesses forward. This empowers them to break the barriers of limitations associated with traditional information architectures.

While social media, analytics/big data and mobility are technologies that are shaping the future, cloud computing becomes the key underlying base, enabling this business transformation by providing the elasticity and scale to drive business results. The advancements of all these technologies (coupled with the evolving way in which software applications are written using open standards based API’s and agile methodologies) is significantly changing the way businesses will be run.

Disruption’s Challenges

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