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Information Automatica!

Sanjeev Jain
Tuesday, August 1, 2006
Sanjeev Jain
Enter Informatica’s development center at Bangalore. An air of seriousness envelops the room filled with engineers pouring over their work. Suddenly you jump up to cheers, laughter and claps. Look around inquisitively and S. Suresh, the Vice President and Managing Director of Informatica Business Solutions explains jubilantly, “That’s Dinesh Rathi, one of our engineers, who’s just been awarded the ‘INFA Star’.”
“I feel excited, on top of the world,” quips Rathi as he takes congratulatory messages from his colleagues.

A mix of seriousness and fun, Informatica develops data integration software products used by a wide variety of users in the telecom, healthcare, insurance, government organizations and financial services industries across the world.

Data Integration
Industries across the world generate huge amount of data everyday. It forms the lifeblood of organizations in their business. However it is humanly impossible to combine data residing at different sources and providing the user with a unified aspect of it. Data integration emerges at this point with increasing frequency as the volume and need to share existing data explodes. But as the requirements are huge, it has been the focus of extensive research. Numerous companies have spawned around this segment.

By default and design, Informatica is the top data integration vendor. Informatica has grown since its inception in 1993 on the idea that data warehouses should not be “handcoded,” but instead can be built more efficiently with tools that are metadata driven and powered by high performance and scalable engines with user friendly graphical front ends. Today it has 1100 employees worldwide with about 140 sitting in India.

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