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iarani Inc.: The Digital Marketing Partner to Bank On

Anamika Sahu
Thursday, April 9, 2015
Anamika Sahu
Since the evolution of digital in the early 90s, it has taken the entire marketing and advertising industry by storm. Today, tech-geeks move at a speed of light since nobody wants to look like a monkey being left behind in the race. Even the startups today dream of being a multinational player much before their birth. Thanks to the advancement of 'Digital World', which is currently, one of the fastest growing marketing media globally where each day a new platform is launched and everyone is trying to catch up with them. However, the challenge lies in creating a digital content that suits everyone's taste buds. Multi-lingual, multi-cultural and a vast population pose extraordinary opportunities and challenges such as how to reach out to everyone with a device having internet connection and precisely the way they want it or can comprehend it. The magic potion lies in partnering with such anticipative digital marketing companies who have the potential to help other companies overcome the above mentioned confrontations. One such company is iarani, Inc. - a digital marketing and advertising company based out of Gurgaon.

iarani Inc. offer an uncompromised end-to-end digital marketing services to MNCs as well as startups with global ambitions and helps them strategize and execute their global marketing plans, thus effecting the digital marketing flow beginning from strategy to planning, content development and execution to big data analytics. The company's holistic approach gives it an upper-hand in real time tweaking of the strategies that benefits themselves and the clients with an unyielding vigour for improvement in their planning and execution.

The Success Saga

Established in the year 2012, the young startup has spread its services across five continents and is a proud digital partner of the Apollo Tyres, Soultree, Royal Petro Energy FZC and many others. Iarani Inc. bourgeoned with its first undertaking with the Ministry of External Affairs for concerted projects in India and Africa, thus the sole reason of its existence. "We set up our shop with just one job of promoting a Ministry of External Affairs program through social media. Since its success, there was no looking back," said a proud Arani Chaudhuri, Founder, iarani, Inc. Another major breakthrough for the company was when it helped Apollo Tyres to break into the European market with close association with certain European agencies. "The toughest job was to crack into Netherlands and Germany due to linguistic challenges and the existing market players posing a challenging environment for an Indian automobile ancillary company," explains Arani. But iarani's big data team helped channelize the existing resources according to the comprehensive requirements of the specific markets of the European Union for a successful launch.

The company embraces only one objective since their famed start - provide bespoke, end-to-end, creative and realistic marketing services to clients. Moreover, Arani disregards any possibility of being in the rat race of acquiring more clients and much rather focuses on working with those who share their vision of making it big. Talking about the team, Arani facetiously explains, "We are so passionate about what we do that the entire team practically sleeps in the office". With a joy -filled environment and a team of highly talented and creative individuals from St. Stephen's College, College of Art, NIFT, IIT and ISI, the company is constantly growing over 500 percent annually with the sole vision to help clients sell.

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