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August - 2013 - issue > 10 Most Promising Embedded Companies in India

iMicro System: Driving the Systems with their Embedded Offerings

SI Team
Friday, July 26, 2013
SI Team
What started as an embedded distributor has transformed itself in over a decade to be one of the leading player in the field of embedded system. iMicro System (IMS), a Bangalore based company, today is considered as one stop solutions for Embedded Systems and Solutions.Since its establishment in 2002, the company has remained customer focused by meeting present and futuristic requirements of theirs. In the process, it has provided highest level of professional expertise and service to customers in the field of embedded systems R&D. Yet IMS has managed to stick to its core values of integrity and has delivered what it promised to its client while being transparent. Naturally it has resulted in earning trust and respect from its clients.

“As distributors of Embedded Development Tools, we used to interactwith various customers in Embedded R&D. We identified a gap between the requirement of saya DRDO and the then available COTS (Commercial off-the-shelf) Solution from a Tier-1 OEM,” says Aditya Kumar, Director, iMicro System. With the help of technical experts of the industry and extensive due diligence with various customers, IMS bridged this gap by designing custom solutions for specific areas especially in the field of defense & aerospace and atomic energy. In due course, IMS became the provider of these custom solutions as COTS for niche areas. These solutions are used in various applications i.e., radar, sonar, industrial automation, telecommunications, railway’s, and oil & gas.

Usually MIL 1553 Bus Based Ethernet Hub comes with 4 redundant channels, but with their Ethernet Hub of 8 redundant channels IMS has driven the system which is working quite well with the atomic energy space. The company has also successfully delivered hardware with a high data acquisition speed of around 500-800 mega bytes per second. Kumar never forgets to accredit his team to achieve the success. He says, “We take the requirement and sit with our technical team. Each of them comes up with their own views and opinions and we zero-in with the one we all are satisfied with. Only then the idea takes the shape of a product”.

IMS has successfully delivered products that have proved vital for their clients’ ongoing projects and these clients have come back to IMS seeking enhanced solutions. In the short term, the company plans to be a mid-tier OEM for some of the COTS solutions it has designed. It aspires to be the total business partner rather than just being a building block. In the coming 2-3 years IMS expects to take their revenue over 2.5 times of what it is now. This would be a result of its continuous innovation in product development.
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