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iKen Solutions Personalizing Business Intelligence

Vimali Swamy
Thursday, July 29, 2010
Vimali Swamy
Every year, companies, big and small, invest large amounts on intelligent IT systems that can help them track the user pattern and in return improve the efficiency of their processes and help them grow their businesses. Business Intelligence (BI) and Data Analytics is a huge market today. While global big wigs like IBM are betting billions on BI, the entrepreneurs are not lagging behind either.

Seeing the huge market potential for intelligent business systems, Dr. Rajendra Sonar, a PhD in Artificial Intelligence founded iken Solutions in 2005 in the lush green campus of IIT Bombay. A software product company, iKen specializes in building intelligent business systems by collaborating BI 2.0 and Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques to offer analytics and business insights to the granularity level of N=1 and, has a vision to provide highly relevant and extremely personalized end user experiences.

The first of the IP based products from its stables is Mooga, a comprehensive consumer 3.0 analytics framework based on hybrid AI. It is essentially a business intelligence system – a recommendation, matching, discovery, and personalization framework supporting many kinds of products, structured content and generic transactions. Some of its key features include collaborative (social) filtering, content filtering and clustering, understanding of user-specific personal tastes, flexible modeling, automated learning and flexibility in business logic.

“Mooga platform is the future of customer analytics. It offers extreme personalization of the end-user experience, and can be used across a spectrum of areas like online, mobile, ipTV, DTH and across verticals like telecom, retail and BFSI,” says Siddarth Goel, CEO, iKen Solutions.

The fundamental idea behind founding iKen was to offer real time Personalization and Operational Analytics which is missing in most BI systems today. “Most analytics is done using data warehouses and the aggregated data is later presented to the customers. But with the explosion of data on Internet, what organizations need is right content for the right people at the right time. And this is possible only if the analytics is integrated with business systems in real time,” says Goel.

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