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Ganesh Vasudevan
Monday, April 1, 2013
Ganesh Vasudevan
IndiaProperty.com, a division of Consim Info Pvt. Ltd.,(formerly Bharat Matrimony) is a Property and Real Estate Site that allows users to Buy, Sell and Rent properties anywhere in India. Founded in 2005 the company is headquartered in Chennai.

Over the past decade, use of technology has redefined and revolutionized almost all the conventional human practices. From the age old practice of consulting the brokers, adapting the digital media has proved to be a boon in easing a house hunter’s life.

Over 124 million Indians are logged on to internet on desktop or tablet devices, out of which 5.2 million access the property portals.
Entering the real estate market to buy a new home can be overwhelming, confusing and time-consuming for an average home buyer. But online real estate websites have simplified what can be a long, complex process and are today helping thousands find their dream homes across India every day. This is why the real estate sites are among the most popular online destinations on the web.

The task is to overcome the tedious and boring task of going from one developer's office to another, and going through the trauma of marketing experts praising their product. Now via one same link a customer can search for properties from multiple developers, at his desired location falling in his budget, while he sips his morning coffee.

Not only can he visualise himself living in the space via means of unit plans and hi-tech tools like walkthroughs, he can also compare various properties that he shortlists at the same time. He can watch property videos, location videos, market trends, interior tips along with the developer’s report card by reading reviews.

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