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Happy Days for Startups Ahead

Manish Kumar, Vice President, KITVEN
Wednesday, July 2, 2014
Manish Kumar, Vice President, KITVEN
Karnataka Information Technology Venture Capital Funds (KITVEN), a Rs.9 crore venture capital fund, is a State & Central Government financial institution in Karnataka investing in emerging companies with a long-term investment approach

Starting new enterprise irrespective of the size is a huge target for the starters to achieve. Once an entrepreneur with a convincing business plan obtains money from investors, he or she begins developing the product in a similarly bigoted fashion. For instance, in any start-up ecosystem - be it in raising funds, introduce a product or assembling a team - has always been a haphazard plan of action. Raising funds in recent days has become much easy in the start-up ecosystem due to increasing participation of angel investors in the recent times. In the past two years, we see lot of changes happening especially with large number of incubation centers which are typically driven by the government based organizations or by the individual efforts.

On the other hand, MSME (Ministry of Small and Medium Enterprises) have also come up with several schemes to take up the start-up ecosystem to a higher level by giving subsidies or collateral free loans or reimbursement for the IP filing and others.

Plunge head before investing

We at KITVEN are investing in small staged companies which can boost their growth prospects and from there they can take a good amount for further growth. Our existing KARVEN fund invests in the area of green energy, manufacturing, automobiles, aerospace, patent pendings and filings falling under SME sector.
Though we invest in pure venture capital funds, we strive to look into certain key factors before investing. Some of the factors that really interest us to make investments are promoters, management capability, integrity, honesty and their past-experiences as to who is bringing what on the table and how they complement each other. The next point grabbing features are the market they are trying to address and the pain point they are trying to solve, be it locally or globally. However, the uniqueness of the product or solutions, the strategies to tap market, gross profit margins, and customer acquisition plans also holds a key position among the list we check for.

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