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Face of a Balanced Man

Harish Revanna
Thursday, November 2, 2006
Harish Revanna
I believe that a balanced life and family are important for any successful person. Balanced life comes with the art of exercising one’s body, mind and soul. The last one being purpose. For me, the body needs physical exercise everyday from workout, the mind needs mental training through reading and discussion and the soul needs a sense of satisfaction through work.

Attaining a balanced life is often achieved with the help of a good family. If my balanced life makes me the leader I am, my family makes me the person I am. The two contour the value system within oneself, while setting the stage for success.

Peculiarly, these understandings do not come from a person’s upbringing, but it is the sense of the self. It could be structured according to each one’s practice or hobbies. Philosophy, history and literature have structured my thought process. I am introspective, analogical and expressive, in turn balancing my actions and emotions.
Once you learn to balance life, you take your turn to lead it. Leadership to me is as much as leading others as you lead yourself. All said and done, it leaves me with one question: How to extend this value system to my employees in an organization?

The Teachable Point of View
Extended teaching is not a cakewalk. One, you need to be sure of what you need to teach and two, how to connect with people whom you’ll be teaching. Fortunately, somewhere down the way in my career, I picked up the talent of organizing. It started with organizing my wife’s pantry and has now extended to solving complex issues at workplace. I can juxtapose things quite efficiently, so that is my ‘teachable point of view’. Now the question is, how to connect with people?

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