European Union Honors Indian Inventor Ajay Bhatt for building USB

SI Team
Monday, July 1, 2013
SI Team
The European Union honored Ajay Bhatt for making one of the most significant advances since the silicon chip. The Indian born American’s team made the benchmark invention at tech giant Intel’s premises.

Ajay V Bhatt-led team, comprising of Bala Sudarshan Cadambi, Jeff Morriss, Shaun Knoll, Shelagh Callahan of the U.S. won the award for inventors from Non-European Countries, for creating and developing USB technology, one of the most important advances in computing since the silicon chip. Bhatt’s invention is ubiquitous in the technology domain today and has led to several generations of sub inventions like flash drives, portable hard drives, memory card readers and many more – that would have been obsolete without Bhatt’s creation.

The 56 year old Indian American, techno pioneer has helped to develop several other widely used technologies, Accelerated Graphics Port, PCI Express, Platform Power management architecture and various chipset improvements.

The European Inventor Award is presented annually by the European Patent Office, supported by European Union to inventors who have made a significant contribution to innovation, economy and society in Europe. Inventions from all technological fields are considered for this award.

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