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ESTEPS: Always One Step Ahead

si Team
Friday, March 3, 2017
si Team
New start-ups are emerging every day, business focus shift, and digital technologies invade more of everyday life, however, the forces of digital have yet to become fully mainstream. On average, industries are less than 40 percent digitized, despite the relatively deep penetration of these technologies in media, retail, and high tech. To meet the digital demand, a technology driven ITIL certified professional Mr. Umesh Madan with over 20 years of rich experience in Transition, Project Administration, Software Development established ESteps Technologies in 2004. An experienced player in its domain, Esteps strives hard to keep up with its founding objectives. With over 12 years of domain knowledge and skills, today Esteps Technologies has evolved as a prominent Web Solutions and Digital Marketing company which specializes in offering mobile responsive websites, Progressive Mobile Apps, Managing & delivering Onsite & Offsite projects. Being in industry for more than a decade Umesh Madan has worked in different verticals including American Express, HCL Technologies, ABN Amro Bank, HSBC Bank, Bank of America, Bharti Televentures Ltd & Hindustan Times for Data Centre Operations, Service Desk implementation, IT infrastructure procurement and management on pan India basis.

Digital media is revolutionizing the marketing landscape, as new channels - online, mobile, social, location based emerge every day. While the rapid pace of digital change creates exciting opportunities, it also brings new challenges. Addressing fast changing customer expectations, extracting meaningful insights from volumes of fragmented data, tracking competition, measuring and predicting return on investments (ROI), and managing cross-channel campaigns is adding to the complexity of the digital marketing landscapes. Esteps designs digital marketing strategy for clients in various business segments because ‘If it’s not on Google, it does not exist’, at least according to 89 percent of consumers who turn to search engines to find information on products, services, and businesses before making a purchase. As digital marketing is becoming part of core business strategy, digital marketing solutions convert clicks into sales, improve customer satisfaction, and enhance revenue. Through focused and specialized digital marketing strategies, E Steps helps to drive customer acquisition, retention, and increase marketing ROI.

Based out of New Delhi, Esteps is a unique firm made of corporate values, enthusiastic, skilled and experienced staff, in providing best of breed solutions, services and products to customers across the globe round the clock. “We want to be a technology enabler, forming new idea to reach the global market and deliver applications and services with faster return and investment to businesses across the world. Most of our customers have been with us for years now, and they keep coming back for more. We are very proud of being a customer-oriented design company, and we nurture all our business relationships with great care and love,” speaks Umesh Madan, Founder and CEO of Esteps Technologies.

Esteps Technologies is converting business to online business with payment integrations, cloud based hosting, omni channel solutions, inventory and store management software’s. Esteps offers cloud-based call management system that provides solutions such as IVR, virtual number, toll-free number, cloud EPABX, automatic call distribution, call tracking and recording, report and many more. In the years to come, Esteps wants to evolve as a mega venture. “We want to work towards future technology where we can help our clients to enable their business in such a way that they can grow digitally and evolve in their business. We believe in being our customers’ partners. If they grow, we grow - that’swhere our vision is,” signs off Umesh.
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