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Lifo Technologies: Convert Your Visitors into Customers With E-Commerce Solutions

si Team
Friday, March 3, 2017
si Team
For a business to survive the rising competition, it must consistently reach new customers and communicate effectively with the existing ones. While achieving these criteria is not easy with a brick and mortar store, the same can be accomplished if a merchant switches to a platform that is common to all and can be accessed easily. ‘Internet’ is evolving as the new buzzword within the industry. With people becoming open to internet usage and device friendly, e-commerce and m-commerce have come for the rescue of small and medium scale vendors. Being online isn’t just an option now. It’s a necessity if a vendor wants to reach the widest possible audience.Lifo Technologies, a Web Designing and Development firm, took into account the desire of merchants and small vendors to expand their customer base by stepping into the online space. Tailored to industry’s best culture and practices, Lifo was set up with a vision to offer a wide range of Online services ranging from Website designing, E-commerce Solutions, Mobile Apps Development, Web applications and Online Marketing Solutions within India and abroad.

Headquartered in Chennai, Lifo Technologies is celebrated globally for its specialization in developing custom-made e-commerce web solutions which are perfectly suited to the client’s business style, products, services and target audience. “At Lifo Technologies, we believe that each business has its own particular requirements and concepts, which should be handled uniquely. So, we address our customer’s business needs by offering custom-made solutions that fulfill their business objectives within a short period through the innovative approaches of our expert teams,” says Nandakumar Mohan, Managing Director, Lifo Technologies. With a clear-cut understanding of the corporate world, Lifo is continuously striving to provide cutting edge solutions and develop innovative business strategies for its customers.Once this esteemed company is roped in as a partner, the skilled team of Lifo leaves no stone unturned to change the tide of business in the favour of its customers.

Building Business on the Net<\b>

Working with a tightly knit-experienced line of people, Lifo Technologies has successfully acquired big names in their clientele basket including,Yourstore.in,yhealthbook.co/portal,, Skill-sphere.com,, ArtisanMagix.com, global cartrading.ch, way2score.com, Lcomm.in and many more. Having served clients across Denmark, Switzerland, UK, Germany, Singapore, Middle-East, Australia, Canada and US, today Lifo Technologies has evolved as a globally recognized web designing and development firm. With an attempt to relentlessly raise the bars and meet the customer’s expectation of online business in India, Lifo is constantly making innumerable processes simpler and smarter which would help save customers’ time, cost and energy.

“In the coming days Lifo Technologies is planning to launch a product named “BooBoom” [booboom.in], which is focused to simplify the daily business of small scale vendors. This product is for people who are working on low budget. We are aiming to provide proper platform to these vendors through such products,” shares Nandakumar.From designing unique logos that give a professional identity to a company, to developing and managing web portals, Lifo Technologies has already made its mark as a trusted firm which is geared toward helping businesses conceptualise and realise their requirements and attain success.
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