ErgodE IT: One stage, Numerous advantages

si Team
Thursday, December 11, 2014
si Team
Our current corporate world is filled with numerous companies who provides outsourcing services but doesn't possess any business arm to extend its impression further beyond. These firms fall short in knowing their customer's right need of demand, pain points of their residing vertical and their expectations. Moreover, the caterers of today contain expertise in only few of the domains which forces their clients to look for other vendors as well to fulfill their necessities. For the firms looking for a single service provider who shares the same knowledge of their industry as them and owns a complete set of skills from software development to marketing in house for conferring well-coordinated and efficient solution, Richmond, TX based ErgodE IT is the destination.
The company is an expert in executing several business processes, and virtualization that allows them to reach their clients from anywhere in the world. The main proficiency of ErgodE IT is in the E-commerce industry where they sell more than 15 Million titles in varying subjects. This is achieved through their strong online network of business partners consisting of 40 prime online E-commerce sites spread across the globe. The company handles almost 3000 orders a day in North American and European market with the help of their talented workforce in India and USA. ErgodE.com, GoOutsource.com, Dealtz.com, CarKart.com, CuteBabyBuy.com, VirVentures.com, and ergodebooks.com are the websites and platforms through which the company is reaching out to its customers and clients. Gooutsource.com is the company's offshore outsourcing extension that offers web-based solutions inclusive of Web Designing and Outsourcing services on a global scale.
Being a pioneer in one vertical such as E-commerce, it takes a lot of effort, insights and vision to ascent a team who is focused, motivated and expert in several other aspects of business as well. The man who brought this notion into a successful reality is Rupesh Sanghavi, the CEO and the Founder of the company. He explains the underlying architecture and strength of the company, "We have provided talented manpower and knowledge in technical and non-technical area on demand at competitive cost. We have development team, customer service team, search engine optimization team, and business development to cover the varying aspects of customer's need." He further adds, "Because of our business arm our workforce is always apprise of the latest knowledge and have adequate experience." ErgodE IT has served various E-commerce top 500 companies in various capacities, enabling them to streamline themselves at extraordinary degree.

Moving Forward
ErgodE IT is planning and formulating strategies in every term to continue their magnificent journey. Pertaining to the workforce side, company's COO Koushal Sanghavi illustrates "We have expanded to 200 individuals in a year and will keep on doing as such for the next 5 years." On GoOutsource side, the executives are looking forward to increase their client base from existing 20 to about 40. Coming to the main prowess of the company, E-commerce facet of ErgodE IT is getting prepared to multiply its revenue by three times in the coming year. This would be achieved by augmenting the sourcing vendors from 200 to 1000.

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