English Speaking and Tally

SI Edu Team
Friday, February 27, 2015
SI Edu Team
Business and travel English language skills are in great demand around the world as more and more businesses and organizations conduct their international business operations through the medium of the English language. In online business and travel fluency in English language holds a necessary criterion in helping develop corporate relations. In English Speaking course students are introduced to conversational vocabulary and dialogues that will help them learn English language skills in the areas of business and travel.

Accounting is an integral part of any company’s financial system. However, there is more to a career in finance than only Accountancy. Tally course aims at a holistic view of finance in a company with an emphasis to other areas of Accounting, Taxation & Banking Services. The knowledge received in this course, along with the placement provided, will serve as a vital stepping stone on the path to a productive and rewarding career. The objective of the course is to make an individual prepared for undertaking vital responsibilities in an organization by understanding the core area of accounts, finance and operations. It is a special software program fit for simple as well complex accounting challenges. It is one of the best methods as it makes use of double entry method of accounts that will eradicate all probable errors and glitches. This software is easy to understand and use.

Over four million companies are using accounting software program that enables financial statements and automatic charts. This course is focused on understanding and learning of basic accounting terms, accounting principles, concepts and conventions, double entry system, modes of accounting and preparation of financial statements. These courses help candidates to move ahead with great qualities and they can present themselves with a good personality.

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