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Gijo Mathew
Vice President- Product Management-Nimsoft
Wednesday, August 1, 2012
Gijo Mathew
Nimsoft, a subsidiary of CA Technologies (NASDAQ:CA) provides leading IT Management-as-a-Service solutions within the CA Technologies portfolio. Companies and service providers of all sizes use Nimsoft to rapidly and easily implement essential monitoring and service desk capabilities necessary to manage today’s dynamic computing environments.Nimsoft solutions provide the visibility and control you need to realize maximum business advantage from your IT services and investments. They offer the capabilities and expertise you need to enjoy a unified view of all your business services, whether they’re based in the cloud, in the data center, or a mix of the two. Nimsoft’s ITIL-based IT management as a service (MaaS) solution includes comprehensive monitoring and IT service management functionality (ITSM)—integrated capabilities that enable continual infrastructure optimization and accelerated problem resolution. Gijo Mathew, Vice President – Product management, investigates into the major trends and challenges that Nimsoft has been witnessing through their development portfolio.

There are quite a few trends that we see and this helps us in seeing how people want to do IT management today. Nimsoft helps organizations manage their IT infrastructures better which as a result monitors IT lifecycle and process. As things have changed economically, people are trying to innovate new ways of managing the IT infrastructure. We focus on five mega trends in the industry and they are Mobile, Social, Cloud, Consumerization and Big data. These trends show a significant impact on how people would want to manage IT in their organization and how they expect IT to be managed in their organization.

Major Trends

Nimsoft has tracked five major trends that have helped us change the way we deliver products and services.

Mobile: It is not just about delivery of applications on mobile devices but, it is really about doing things from anywhere at any time, anyhow. This is a significant change of how product design actually works and how we deliver technology. We relooked at the whole scenario and changed our applications in order to take advantage of this new platform available. That led to a lot of changes on how we deliver our solutions making it more modular than anything that has been out there before. This not only made it easier for us to create more mobile apps, but also allowed us to become a part of the fabric of what an organization does to provide services to the end users or clients. These solutions not being managed based on the products but actually from the business outcome.

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