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Anamika Sahu
Monday, December 7, 2015
Anamika Sahu
What is common between Target, Primera Blue Cross, Anthem, Sony Pictures, Staples, Home Depot and JPMorgan Chase? All of them are giants in their respective industries. Correct! But what is the other factor that links them together? It is the cyber attack that hit these companies recently. These are just few names. The list is endless. Recently Kaspersky Lab brought to light that a multinational gang of cybercriminals infiltrated more than 100 banks across 30 countries and made off with up to $1 billion over a period of roughly two years. Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis and Wells Fargo are two big banks badly struck by cybercriminals latterly. Grant Thornton global survey finds that one in six businesses has experienced a cyber attack in the past year, with total cost of attacks globally estimated to be at least $315 billion over the past 12 months; while few others claim it to be causing $400 billion to $445 billion loss annually in global economy.

Cyber crime is a growing industry where returns are enormous and risks are miniscule. But companies still underestimate how much risk they face from cybercrime and how quickly this risk can grow. Speaking in the similar tone is Raj Kosuri, CEO & CTO, EcomNets (an outsourcing provider of managed computing and co-location infrastructure of IT applications), who asserts, "Your data and technology stored in network and cloud are vulnerable. And although the tactics, targets and technology of attacks are all important, your most powerful defense against cyber crime is to understand threat actors. To effectively prevent and respond to cyber crime, you need to establish the motivations (what they want) and methodology (how they work) of threat actors".

EcomNets is a world class Cyber Security provider staffed with highly trained, motivated and innovative professionals to meet emerging complex Cyber Security challenges. The company delivers a complete suite of robust secure solutions that help businesses lower their cost of information management and protect customers' critical infrastructure and valuable assets, protect IP, costly fixes and downtime. It uses its data center located in Danville, VA for Cyber Defense Center Development to meet all the cloud needs of the customers. This service draws on EcomNets' in-depth knowledge of the tactics, techniques and procedures used by advanced threat actors. The company works with client to build and implement core foundational technologies and processes into their program. It can also assist them on a short-term basis to monitor security concerns until their staff is established and equipped to assume ownership over these technologies and processes. EcomNets also develops and markets virtualization-based software and hardware solutions that deliver superior desktop computing.

The Power-packed IRS

Conventional security detects threats too late (if at all), and resolves them too slowly providing security teams a fragmented, incomplete view into what's going on in their network. "It is passive and blind to broader threat trends, and reacts too slowly to new threats and changing conditions," explains Raj. This calls for organizations to have a flexible, deeply integrated framework that offers a far-reaching view of threats and evolve as quickly as conditions do, whilst having agile security architecture which is deeply integrated for an end-to-end view of attacks presenting a full picture of threats by incorporating internal and external intelligence. To be ahead of the attackers, the framework must take an active, lean-forward posture that doesn't just wait for attacks, but anticipates them.

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