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Date:   Monday , December 07, 2015

What is common between Target, Primera Blue Cross, Anthem, Sony Pictures, Staples, Home Depot and JPMorgan Chase? All of them are giants in their respective industries. Correct! But what is the other factor that links them together? It is the cyber attack that hit these companies recently. These are just few names. The list is endless. Recently Kaspersky Lab brought to light that a multinational gang of cybercriminals infiltrated more than 100 banks across 30 countries and made off with up to $1 billion over a period of roughly two years. Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis and Wells Fargo are two big banks badly struck by cybercriminals latterly. Grant Thornton global survey finds that one in six businesses has experienced a cyber attack in the past year, with total cost of attacks globally estimated to be at least $315 billion over the past 12 months; while few others claim it to be causing $400 billion to $445 billion loss annually in global economy.

Cyber crime is a growing industry where returns are enormous and risks are miniscule. But companies still underestimate how much risk they face from cybercrime and how quickly this risk can grow. Speaking in the similar tone is Raj Kosuri, CEO & CTO, EcomNets (an outsourcing provider of managed computing and co-location infrastructure of IT applications), who asserts, \"Your data and technology stored in network and cloud are vulnerable. And although the tactics, targets and technology of attacks are all important, your most powerful defense against cyber crime is to understand threat actors. To effectively prevent and respond to cyber crime, you need to establish the motivations (what they want) and methodology (how they work) of threat actors\".

EcomNets is a world class Cyber Security provider staffed with highly trained, motivated and innovative professionals to meet emerging complex Cyber Security challenges. The company delivers a complete suite of robust secure solutions that help businesses lower their cost of information management and protect customers\' critical infrastructure and valuable assets, protect IP, costly fixes and downtime. It uses its data center located in Danville, VA for Cyber Defense Center Development to meet all the cloud needs of the customers. This service draws on EcomNets\' in-depth knowledge of the tactics, techniques and procedures used by advanced threat actors. The company works with client to build and implement core foundational technologies and processes into their program. It can also assist them on a short-term basis to monitor security concerns until their staff is established and equipped to assume ownership over these technologies and processes. EcomNets also develops and markets virtualization-based software and hardware solutions that deliver superior desktop computing.

The Power-packed IRS

Conventional security detects threats too late (if at all), and resolves them too slowly providing security teams a fragmented, incomplete view into what\'s going on in their network. \"It is passive and blind to broader threat trends, and reacts too slowly to new threats and changing conditions,\" explains Raj. This calls for organizations to have a flexible, deeply integrated framework that offers a far-reaching view of threats and evolve as quickly as conditions do, whilst having agile security architecture which is deeply integrated for an end-to-end view of attacks presenting a full picture of threats by incorporating internal and external intelligence. To be ahead of the attackers, the framework must take an active, lean-forward posture that doesn\'t just wait for attacks, but anticipates them.

EcomNets\' Incident Response Services (IRS) is the best fit as it specializes in investigating intrusions and targeted attacks performed by advanced threat groups. \"Our consultants use proprietary technology, creative investigative techniques and intelligence gathered during each investigation to improve our ability to identify the actions of the attacker. The scope of the breach, the data loss and the steps required to remove the attackers\' access. We also learn how to better re-secure the network,\" explains Raj. Built with years of investigative experience, unparalleled threat intelligence, proprietary tools and technology, incident management experience and remediation experience, IRS has emerged as the knight that focuses on helping organizations recover from data security breaches while minimizing the impact of the event on the organization.

EcomNets follows a deep investigating process that includes assessing the situation and each investigation begins by gaining an understanding of the current computer security incident, which includes understanding what steps have already been taken to investigate or address the situation, and performing enterprise investigation leveraging EcomNets\' technology that is equipped to quickly search large, complex networks for evidence of attacker activity. During each incident response investigation, EcomNets\' consultants work closely with clients\' management and internal/external legal counsel to provide detailed, structured and frequent status reports that communicate findings and equip clients to make the right business decisions.

The company provides a detailed investigative report at the end of every engagement that addresses the needs of multiple audiences including senior management, technical staff, third party regulators, insurers and litigators. Moving forward, EcomNets defines objectives that are practical and achievable. Its consultants collect evidence with forensically sound procedures and document evidence handling with chain-of-custody procedures that are consistent with law enforcement standards. The company also draws on skills that range from host and network forensic analysis across all patrons to malware reverse engineering and log analysis to determine the attack vector, establish a timeline of activity and identify the extent of the compromise. Post this, with the help of IRS, EcomNets develops remediation plans that both eliminates the attackers from the environment and implements new security controls to reduce the likelihood of re-compromise.

The Putrid Breach

When a breach occurs, it means your security failed. Raj believes that knowing your efficiency and the false positives that distract your security team along with the number of actual cyber security incidents that you uncover will help you qualify and quantify the cost of that failure. Additionally, one needs to prioritize correctly and find how many cyber security incidents have an actual business impact and qualify for further investigation.

It is imperative to figure out exactly what one will lose, how much and what to do about it, post a data breach. Hence, essential to scrutinize questions like how much money will you lose based on the information such as IP or personally identifiable information (PII) lost through the data breach? How much money will you lose to notification costs, lawsuits, fines, audits and brand damage when the data breach becomes public? How much time will it take to resolve the breach - to identify and address all affected systems and respond to attacks? And how much will you be fined if your security practices don\'t comply with security policies and requirements?

EcomNets, through its years of expertise, has materialized as an expert that helps reduce false positives, ensure policy compliance, determine which threats will have a more serious potential business impact and emphasize best practices for incident resolution. Advanced threat intelligence also enables you to detect advanced malware that traditional solutions cannot.

Although many security experts ask these questions only when they first set up their security programs, analyzing your costs is an ongoing process. By staying alert to changes in the cost of a data breach, you get a better sense of when and how your security programs need to be revisited or updated. \"FireEye can help you develop a better awareness of your risks and capabilities. This, in turn, will strengthen your security posture to manage and resolve future cyber threats,\" opines Raj.

You Get Career, Not Job

Enter EcomNets, and one can easily find EcomNetsers glued to their work gleefully. The work milieu inspires innovation and reward discovery. With a no compromise attitude, the company is committed to delivering value, maintaining an entrepreneurial spirit, pushing innovation and raising the bar on workplace excellence, thus offering career and not just another job to the EcomNetsers.

\"The people who work at EcomNets are the most important reason for its success over the years. These EcomNetsers are a bright, motivated and diverse group with varied work backgrounds; many technology veterans and some hotshot whiz kids,\" asserts Raj. The EcomNetsers come from different countries thus bringing in varied culture and color to the organization along with diversified valuable experience. Raj further adds, \"Our employees are very aware of the global nature of our company, our products, the markets we serve and the business problems we solve. Our common bond among departments and across geographic boarders is the ability of our diverse group of employees to work well together. We understand EcomNets\' vision and everyone is driven towards achieving our common goals\".

The company is strongly built on the core values of better-faster-smarter innovations, clients\' profit first-approach, ownership & passion for excellence, optimize existing resources, belongingness & power of positive expectations, sense of urgency & efficient communication, exceed expectation and build effective relationships. Breathing on these core values, EcomNets envisions reaching 500 cyber security consultants and reach the pinnacle by being among the top 10 cyber security companies of the world. EcomNets will soon open a cyber security center in Hyderabad by 2020, with over 1000 employees globally by then.


Key Management:

Raj Kosuri, CEO & CTO, EcomNets

Fathering EcomNets in 2000, Raj led his company to the Deloitte Fast 50 & 500 four years in a row. He is also credited with being one of the Smart 100 from SmartCEO Magazine in 2009.

Offices: Danville, VA (Headquarter), Sterling, New York, London, New Delhi, and Hyderabad


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- CMMI Level 3
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- NVTC Green Award 2010
- Inc 500 Year 2010
- North America Fast 500 Technology Year 2004-2009
- Virginia Fast 50 Technology Year 2004-2009
- Washington Top 25 Information Technology Employers