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e-Cop Opens Centers in Mumbai, Bangkok

Saheer Karimbayil
Tuesday, July 1, 2008
Saheer Karimbayil
The Singapore based e-Cop, an info-security service provider, has extended its operations into India and Thailand by opening its Global Command Centre in Bangkok and a Global Resource Centre in Mumbai to provide monitoring and protection.

"Thai companies are looking at either managing security in-house or to outsource to a third party with the relevant expertise," said Chief Executive Marcus Low.

The Mumbai office has the vast pool of multi-talented IT professionals in India, which is expected to enhance the company's synergy with partners. Referring to a series of cyber attacks last year that swamped websites of organizations like the parliament, banks, ministries, newspapers, and broadcasters, Low said, "We see increasing awareness among international governments to set up large-scale infocom security initiatives."
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