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si Team
Thursday, December 11, 2014
si Team
Organizations today wish to have better productivity levels than their competition in order to offer commendable products and services to market faster, at nominal costs and lower failure rates. IT plays a critical role in the process of productivity enhancement. However, the pace of technology evolution and different technology approaches put forward by different vendors makes it difficult for CTOs and CIOs to choose the best technology solution for their organizational productivity demands. Business leaders are looking for technologies which can make data prevalent, allowing accessibility of data over any device, bringing logic out of accumulated data and enabling the workforce to engage in digital transformation of business processes. To address these issues Detroit, MI based e-Zest Solutions has conferred product engineering and enterprise software development services to cater to such organizations and leaders in the endeavor to craft holistic business tools for their development efforts.
e-Zest is a proven digital innovation partner for organizations that want to leverage technology to improve productivity, reduce time to market with optimal budget. This company has seen cloud computing, enterprise mobility and analytics solution evolve over a period of time and offers mature, best practices for managing cutting-edge technology projects.
"We have certified professionals who understand intricacies of technology solutions and suggest customized solutions depending on technology acceptance, awareness and way of interaction prevailing within an organization," explains Devendra Deshmukh, CEO and Founder at e-Zest. e-Zest has also opened international subsidiaries to have its feet on the street to help understand customer requirements more precisely.

The Differentiators
The most phenomenal differentiating factor of e-Zest is its ability to make cloud computing, enterprise mobility, analytics and user experience work in unison and seamlessly, for procuring maximum ROI. The company also has internal technology competency centers that help in evaluating solutions for performance, ease of integration and customization along with the required scalability. They deliver an easily accessible technology knowledge base, and proffer solution accelerators that reduce the overall project development duration. For enterprise and government projects, e-Zest has certified CMMI Level 3 process which gives complete control and project traceability.
e-Zest believes in working closely with its clients on all levels that aids in culminating communication barriers, encourages easy collaboration and need identification. This success mantra has allowed the company to form a scintillating clientele comprising firms ranging from global 500 business corporations to startups from various industry verticals such as healthcare, manufacturing, e-learning, finance, banking, travel and tourism including ISVs.

Synopsis of Product and Services
e-Zest is a customer-focused and technology-driven company providing development and innovation services across the software ecosystem, which includes diverse sets of tools and solutions. Apart from the aforementioned services the company has built two superlative products namely, TABit and CloudMAP, where the former accelerates the development of mobile apps while the latter is a policy management and automation platform for AWS.

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