By Firoz Khan, Co- Founder & CEO, Gift Cards India
Sunday, September 6, 2015
By Firoz Khan, Co- Founder & CEO, Gift Cards India
Founded in 2011, the direct sales channel of GCI Network Pvt. Ltd, Gift Cards India is a one-stop shop for all Gift Card & Gift Voucher needs.

The world is on the move steadily. People are finding new ways to reach out to one another as the geographic distance between people is diminishing. This dynamic scenario of life has raised the necessity for consumers to be connected; wherever you are and wherever you go. This is why, now mobile is considered to be man's new buddy.

e-Commerce in India, which is still in formative stage, but it is growing at an alarming pace and has started to make some impact in metros. India is a billion people country with a mobile penetration of almost 80 percent. Now that almost 40 percent of the consumers are available on smartphones, we can see that in the next couple of years, everyone will move online for commerce.

Majority of our population is very young which demonstrates energy to build and adopt anything new coming their way so this new retail form is expected to have a very fast adoption rate.

By the advent of m-Commerce or e-Commerce going mobile, there are greater opportunity/prospects being placed for mobile for the future. It allows and encourages the consumers to browse quickly, easily and purchase products on-the-go, more regularly.

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