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June - 2015 - issue > 20 Most Promising Software Development Companies

DW Practice: Everything Boils Down to Cost, Time & Relevance

Susila Govindaraj
Tuesday, June 9, 2015
Susila Govindaraj
The software development industry is morphing more and more into a solution centric market. Instead of struggling to implement a product, people nowadays expect the software vendors to hand them a completesolutionthat is packaged in a manner that can be used readily from the very first day without any hassle. And who can blame them in this economic environment? Realizing that everything boils down to optimal cost, time and relevancy, DW Practice, LLC (DWP) - a software services company, comes with the value proposition of pinpointing and solving client's problem with an end-to-end solution at the most optimal cost in the shortest time possible.

Founded in 1997 in Atlanta as a data management company, DWP has delivered numerous innovative projects to marquee clients including AT&T, Perkin Elmer, Arthur J Gallagher, the government of Nigeria and innumerable mid-tier clients. With a revenue of $14 million, the 300 people strong company has spread across Bangalore, Hyderabad, California, New Jersey, Singapore, Malaysia and serves through partner offices in Mexico, Columbia and Canada.

Innovative Solutions

Since mid-tier manufacturing companies are unable to afford a full data warehousing solution, DWP brings forth a package comprising of technical architecture, product and service, which will be ready-to-use within 45 days. This custom-built reporting solution fulfils 80 percent of the reporting needs of the top management. DWP's online media distribution platform allows any company or individual to distribute and watch online videos in a pay-per-view or subscription model. This cost-effective product with high-level security and great user interface can be used by media houses, small producers who are unable to get theatres and corporates to distribute their video content. The company also has a social media management solution, which enables DWP's clients to engage with their customers via social media in an integrated manner with their enterprise operations.

Even though there are hierarchies in the fairly flat DWP, our open door policy encourages everyone to access anyone. Being a global company, when an employee demonstrates a fruitful idea, he/she is immediately given the opportunity to execute it, irrespective of his/her position in the organization. "It is not just about technology. It is about how it is being used by the customer. Hence, our people participate in numerous industry-specific conferences in many countries to be abreast with global trends," says Raj Koneru, CEO, DW Practice. The senior managers attending such conferences spread the knowledge to junior people, aside from educating them with in-house technical trainings. The company takes pride in the fact that most employees who joined them as freshers 10 years ago are still with DWP in a senior position.

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