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November - 2002 - issue > Cover Feature

Destination DVD?

Rahul Chandran & Venkat Ramana
Sunday, October 27, 2002
Rahul Chandran & Venkat Ramana
TRADITIONALLY, GOING TO THE MOVIES MEANS munching on popcorn and whispering messages in the dark. But if major studios like Disney, Warner Brothers, and Sony Pictures have their way, the whole movie entertainment scenario could soon change.

People will now be able to see near-perfect images, coming as close to human eyesight in resolution as possible, but with the added advantage of high-quality sound, while sitting in their own living rooms.

And how is that possible, you might ask? At the Sony Pictures facility in Los Angeles, Sumit Malik, Techology Director, Digital Authoring Center, leads a bunch of audio, video, and software engineers at work. The engineers are working to bring to market the next generation packaged media that can achieve film-like resolution on the TV screen, the holy grail of the video entertainment industry.

Far from being esoteric, technologies that are far better than even Hi-Definition DVDs are simply the next step in what could be, for consumers, "a whole new world of digital entertainment."

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