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DeltaProactive Risk Management: Building A Shield Before 'Risk' Turns 'Crisis'

Pankaj Kundwani
Wednesday, December 3, 2014
Pankaj Kundwani
One of the celebrated American author and humorist, Arnold H. Glasow, once quoted "Ideas not coupled with action never become bigger than the brain cells they occupied". The same holds due value even today as many people have great ideas but few dare to turn those into reality. Similar is the story of Anshul Abhang whose idea took birth in his school days and he never let it die till it came into existence. While learning VB (Visual Basic) programming in school, Anshul and his friends developed a learning tool for their classmates. Few days later, they were fixed in a situation where one the friends changed the password and could not remember it to open their learning tool kit. Eventually, Anshul and his friends decided to bypass the security of their own software which they did successfully. This experience was a life changing incident in Anshul's life when he decided to take up cyber security as a career path and developed a strong passion in the overall security field.

In the pre-final year of engineering in 2007, FLUXONIX Corporation, the dream enterprise of Anshul, took shape. The company initially provided cyber security education and certification services to various corporate organizations and students. However, Anshul noticed that businesses saw a rapid increase in the number of cyber threats, information leaks and cyber security breaches which they earlier overlooked. Today, cyber security spending makes for one of the top most priority under the yearly budgets of corporates. Sensing the pulse of the market, FLUXONIX was segregated into two sub-divisions in 2010.One took its way as FLUXONIX Educational Services Pvt. Ltd. (FESPL), and another as FLUXONIX Security Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (FSSPL) which are now re-branded as LANTORIS Education and DeltaProactive Risk Management respectively.

Path Breaking Next Generation Approach towards Risk Management

Headquartered in Pune, DeltaProactive is an Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) company providing time-tested and futuristic risk management solutions globally focusing on people, process, policy and technology aspect of the enterprise ecosystem. Having a next generation approach towards risk management, DeltaProactive is globally the pioneering company to come up with its own frameworks and platforms accepted across the industry for extensive risk management. The organization has worked with Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, banks and leading IT companies globally to provide them with a vast portfolio of ERM services. DeltaProactive caters to those organizations who know the value of their data and only choose the best when it comes to security. It provides world class services such as Cyber Security Program, Governance, Compliance and Risk Management, Application Security Program, Network Security Program, Security Testing Program, Fraud Risk Management, Identity and privileged identity management, Cloud and Big Data Security, Managed Security Services, People Change Management solutions to its global clientele. Having built strategic technology alliances to offer various next generation solutions with over 40 esteemed names like IBM, HP, RSA, Microsoft, Codenomicon, P1 Labs, Saransh, FireEye, Symantec, McAfee and many others, the company takes ownership of the entire IT ecosystem of clients' organization and provide them with end—to-end security solutions.

Which Side Are You? Reactive or Proactive

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