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Copiun: Managing the Endpoint User Data

si Team
Wednesday, November 2, 2011
si Team
Copiun was founded in 2008 by former EMC managers, Puneesh Chaudhry, CEO, and Sanjay Jain, CTO, with a vision to enable Secure Mobile Productivity. As employees become increasingly mobile and carry multiple devices (laptops, Smartphones and tablets), it is imperative that they be able to securely access, sync, share and recover their data from any device. However, organizations need to have full control and visibility over corporate data on thousands of corporate and personal mobile devices to ensure regulatory compliance. Most companies are woefully unprepared to handle the hundreds of millions of tablets and Smartphones entering the corporation as employees bring their personal iPhones/iPads to work under Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) programs – driving end users to use consumer cloud solutions like Dropbox, putting confidential corporate data out of IT control.

Copiun helps bridge the chasm between employee thirst for mobile productivity and corporate need for security. Its solutions enable companies to transform their current infrastructure investments, worth millions of dollars, into a “secure, private cloud”, which runs behind the company firewall and is integrated into corporate security paradigms. Employees can securely access, sync and share corporate data on file servers, SharePoint and other document repositories from BYOD or corporate devices, even if they are not connected via VPN. Yet, IT is able to ensure full security and end to end custody of corporate data, harmonizing security with productivity.

Copiun’s solutions are in use by over 200 enterprise customers across the world, including some of the world’s largest organizations including Flextronics, Deloitte, CBS, Monitor Group, United Nations Development Programme and Saks Fifth Avenue.

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