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Convergence of Process Automation, Data Analytics and Cloud

Sreekanth Lapala
Wednesday, November 30, 2011
Sreekanth Lapala
Today, Small and Medium Enterprises or SMEs in the emerging countries are in the midst of innovation and transformation. The market dynamics are rapidly changing and becoming highly complex, requiring companies to constantly innovate. If innovation is one side of the coin, the other side is to bring in cost competitiveness.

Reduction in costs can be done in many ways. However, the ideal way to do the same without compromising on the innovation as well the resources is to make people highly productive. One way to make the company more productive is to bring in automation culture. Leverage the technology to drive productivity and innovation.

The key for any SME is to keep their employees highly engaged and well connected within the company. In this endeavor, following should be the sequence of thoughts: How to automate the entire HR processes and in the process build a robust collaboration platform, How to analyze the underlying data to make overall organization improvements and how the organization can afford it. Before going into further details on how these will help with the objective of creating a robust platform and yet keeping it integrated and flexible, let us understand what they mean.

Process Automation: Process Automation is the practice of improving the efficiency and effectiveness of any organization by automating and optimizing the organization's processes. It is a key technology component of IT initiatives to produce a more responsive culture.

Data Analytics: Data Analytics is, in essence, a set of enabling technologies that collects and presents the disparate data into views that are intelligent and fact based. It allows for more quality decisions to be made in real time. It brings new insights and perspectives to questions and answers inherent in your data.

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