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CONVERGED INFRASTRUCTURE The Enterprise Trend Making Waves

Jay Mastaj
Senior Vice President & General Manager-EMC Infrastructure Management Group
Monday, April 2, 2012
Jay Mastaj
Converged infrastructure is one of the fastest-growing opportunities among growth drivers for enterprises today. By pre-integrating next-gen technologies and operational workflows, enterprise customers and service providers can get cloud-like benefits without having to build it themselves, and individually support the piece parts. It is a powerful and compelling argument, and it's winning over more IT decision makers every day.

Converged infrastructure essentially combines storage, server, and networking resources into a single platform. It is aimed helping ease the building of cloud computing infrastructures, an area which EMC is addressing with VCE, a company in which EMC, Cisco, Intel, and VMware have invested. Jay Mastaj, SVP & GM - Infrastructure Management Group, EMC Corporation talks about the adoption of converged infrastructure along with the opportunities and challenges it presents.

Challenges in Server Virtualization

Virtualization of the server has now become a challenge for us. This now requires people to look at things in a more horizontal manner in order to solve problems. Discovering this problem at an early stage we have looked at two things. First is to converge the infrastructure teaming with VM Ware, Cisco, Intel and others; this helped us in a huge service cost of deployment. The other thing what is important in the present industry environment is the automated provisioning and automated operations in order to understand as to what’s going on in the infrastructure. This is resonating especially with the CIOs because they can immediately see the computer components and also the value that they get in terms of TCL, cost which is the fundamental component of the equation. The higher line CIOs, CFOs and CEOs are resonating with this as to where this converged infrastructure is taking them because it is a very early stage in the process and this is starting to have some interesting dynamics and interesting challenges as the stove pipes figure out a way to do things.

Today, in IT 70 percent of every dollar goes into maintaining, configuring, updating and supporting the current infrastructure. It is 30 percent that goes to help the business reach the next level. This is what the converged infrastructure kind of tried to reduce the 70 percent into a more realistic, efficient and effective.

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