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Company of the Year

SI Team
Sunday, December 8, 2013
SI Team
The rapid acceleration of technology, along with a difficult economic climate is presenting quite a few challenges for midsize companies in India. To survive and flourish in this environment, it’s essential for these enterprises to be
adaptable and to keep a close watch on current trends. Underlying these positive predictions is the fact that that much of this growth is led by mid-sized companies. Be it cloud, IT services, OPD, testing, telecom services or any other industry, mid-sized firms are slated to log faster growth and contribute more jobs than their large-enterprise counterparts in the
near future. The prospects and pace of growth for mid-sized firms look better than ever, thanks to major advances and convergence of IT mega-trends.

As the year draws to a close, the time is ripe to identify some of the best Indian companies that are creating a buzz in their respective industries. For the same SiliconIndia presents to you the "Company of the Year". Read on to know more about the functioning and specialties of these high value organizations that as they redefine the business landscape in their industries. We have identified 9 midsized companies in the verticals of IT Consulting, cloud, OPD, BPO, Software testing, CRM, E-commerce, product development and IT services. A distinguished panel of the industry’s topmost CEOs, CIOs, VCs and analysts, including SiliconIndia’s Editorial board scrutinized the list of companies through the entire year
and finalized the companies. We congratulate the companies chosen and wish them a brighter future.
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