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COGENT: Ensuring Client Satisfaction by Delivering Quality

SI Team
Sunday, November 3, 2013
SI Team
COGENT (Latin for powerful, compelling, pertinent) is a national, award winning firm specializing in providing consulting, solutions engineering and outsourcing services to a diverse roster of clients in both the commercial and public sector.

Incorporated in 2003, COGENT is celebrating ten (10) innovative years in business.

The COGENT story started in May of 2003, the tail end of the dot com bust. The co-founders envisioned a firm that would be a viable alternative to the big five consulting firms and one that would provide cutting edge solutions yet realistic pricing to its clients. A firm that would be built on strong ethical relationships with its clients, stakeholders and employees. It is because of these guiding principles that despite several recessions in the last decade, the firm has reinvented itself after each recession and emerged much stronger than before. Another major factor for the firm's success is its philosophy of "diversification" and not putting all eggs in one basket. The firm has been constantly innovating and based on market trends adding new revenue streams spread across verticals (commercial, state and federal) and technologies. Above all, the primary credit for the firm's success goes to its highly motivated and talented workforce.

COGENT has truly emerged as an international firm that comprises a rich workforce hailing from over eleven countries."We clearly understand that it is our diversity that sets us apart. Our diversity is not limited to our backgrounds but includes a more powerful diversity of talent, strengths and ideas," says Manu Mehta, President, COGENT.

"Our mantra for success is simple-Ensuring satisfaction of our clients by delivering what we promise - on time, every time and within budget. Our growth strategy is primarily based on "repeat" business fueled by word-of-mouth referrals. Some of the other reasons why our clients choose us over competition are-commitment to our client's success, technology investments and strong technology partnerships, top echelon talent, low employee attrition and corporate philosophy: integrity meets diversity," he adds about the company.

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