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February - 2010 - issue > CEO Spotlight

Cloud, Collaborative Apps to Rule the Roost

Pradeep Rathinam
Monday, February 1, 2010
Pradeep Rathinam
The last 12-18 months have made businesses realize the need for better collaboration, greater agility in operations , and better insight into their cost and revenue models. With the economy reviving, businesses are making a comeback with the mindset of leveraging technology to run leaner businesses. The technology industry as well has analyzed business needs better and addressed shortcomings from the past to provide improvised and economically viable solutions such as cloud computing, predictive analysis and collaboration platforms. To further push the newer business models game changers such as iPhone and Android have taken the information worker beyond the boundaries of the business, making the concept of “Information at your fingertips” a reality.

Today, enterprises are focusing on business process optimization through automation and streamlining workflows as well as inter-connecting different departments, business with vendors/customers. Enterprises are also looking at incorporating ‘learning from social networks’ into their collaboration platforms. The firms are in the process of measuring all aspects of business and doing predictive modeling to identify new avenues for improving revenue and profitability.

ISVs are observing the change in mindset of enterprises and consumers and have realized that success of their products lies in ability to collaborate with other products. Also the traditional model of selling boxed products has hit a plateau and ISVs realize SaaS model is the future for increased adoption of their products.

Entrepreneurs are not left behind in the race to leverage new technologies. They are moving away from the stealth mode and have increased pressure on time to market and early ROI. One of the biggest investments has been in infrastructure and with the emergence of cloud; startups are able to operate at a fractional cost with better time-to-market.

We are witnessing the evolution of the software industry and especially in the way enterprises enhance their productivity through greater collaboration and analytics.

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