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careerbuilder: Envisioning the Nexus Of Recruitment

Sandeep Sen
Monday, July 1, 2013
Sandeep Sen
‘Work’ may not be a place to go to, but a thing to do in the near future. Our tasks may be recited to us by a program, our kitchen may become our office and the office need not be a physical place anymore. If twenty years ago, the only way to work was to sit behind a desk then it’s quite possible to be in a future without any office space and to be recruited by a program instead of a headhunter.

The attitude towards work has taken a sharp turn and recruitment has become an even tougher business. More workers are setting their own work hours, taking up contracts, and working remotely – the traditional 40 hours a week, jobs have faded out. Today, requirements in the industry are more specialized and recruiters are forced to take up unorthodox ways to pull in prospective candidates. Social media, job portals and online communities are all areas of recruitment for headhunters today. The market leaders in this domain have understood this drastic shift in trends and have cashed in with mammoth resume databases and solutions. “But in large part, the industry is far from being maximized,” says Premlesh Machama, MD, CareerBuilder India, a prominent online job portal.

“We have not seen any innovation in the job portal category, job portals still offer resume database services” says Machama. Having realized the need and an opportunity, CareerBuilder has invented a revolutionary product suite that will stir up a stagnant market. With a domain experience of over 18 years and unprecedented dominance in North America and Europe, CareerBuilder intends to storm the Indian recruitment market with its innovation driven philosophy and solutions. With its fresh products and social media integration, CareerBuilder is poised to capture the untapped market space. Despite the fact that the market share in this domain has already being dominated by big players, CareerBuilder sees a sweet spot that it can dominate from, in online recruitment.
The products that this company intends to introduce to the Indian market are used by the Fortune 500 in Europe and America. Having customized their products to serve the Indian industry seamlessly, CareerBuilder is just a step away from market dominance. The company entered the subcontinent in 2007 and thus began their journey of well-crafted innovation for an industry that is in large part stagnated.

Current Innovations to ease Job Seeker’s Conduit
Today, the modes of recruitment have changed, both from the perspective of the employer and the employee. Job seekers apply for multiple jobs at a time but are largely unaware of the success or failure of their application, until the very last moment. “CareerBuilder understands a job applicant’s pain. Attending multiple interviews and waiting for the verdict. It is a highly stressful and testing process, and we have tried to remedy that,” adds Machama.

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Reader's comments(1)
1:if the company has not done much in last 6 years, i wonder if they will ever. Also it i not clear what their target segment is. Most Portals target Recruitment Firms, however it seems Career builder is targeting Employing firms. Which has its pitfalls as mostly HR folks want to do business through Consultants for various reasons. Innovative ideas but targeted to whom..Most candidates dont get feedback because no firm is interested in answering their questions as to why they were not selected.
Posted by: Abhishek Mittal - 29th Jul 2013
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