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Can Software Engineers develop themselves as Brands?

Dr. S. Ramesh Kumar & N Bringi Dev
Thursday, August 30, 2012
Dr. S. Ramesh Kumar & N Bringi Dev
Bringi Dev is Adjunct Professor and Head- Communication at IIM Bangalore. Dr. S. Ramesh Kumar is Chairperson, Post Graduate Programme in Software Enterprise Management & Professor of Marketing at IIM, Bangalore.

Thousands of software engineers aspire to transition to the management domain a few years into their careers. At the root of this need is a desire to develop themselves as a 'brand', and to differentiate themselves from the large mass of techies. One of the popular routes to achieve a unique brand position is to make a transition to the management side, and many see the acquisition of an MBA or similar qualification as the best route to becoming a more differentiated 'brand'.

There are several routes available to these engineers to pursue management education: some join full time regular two-year programmes; others a one-year executive education program at a foreign university whilst some opt for a part time management program that provides the benefit of earning a degree while continuing to work.

Know your dilemma
While those who choose to go for a full-time programme of management study face fewer doubts about their choice of path, they know it is the high-risk option. The part-time alternative is a good one to balance the need for a continuing stream of income while preparing for growth. The decision to opt for a part-time programme could give rise to doubts and concerns, and part timers tussle with several professional concerns that arise before, and even after they are well into their studies. Some of these typical questions are:
• Will I get the same level of recognition that full time MBAs get?
• Will my present employer see value in my management degree?

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