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Bristlecone: Maximizing Effective Strategy Towards Supply Chains

SI Team
Friday, November 2, 2012
SI Team
As Supply Chains continue to turn more global, complex and multi-tiered, companies are in constant need to tune their strategies and convert them into competitive differentiation in the market place. Bristlecone was established in 1998 to address this growing need for modernization and simplification of the supply chains.

Headquartered in Mountain View, CA, Bristlecone helps clients to maximize the strategic value of their supply chain and procurement processes through the effective use of advisory consulting and enabling technologies. The company has executed more than 250 engagements globally across 18 industry verticals including Hi-Tech, CPG, Retail, Automotive, Chemicals and Life Sciences. Bristlecone has strategic relationships with SAP and Oracle and is a part of the U.S. $15.4 billion Mahindra Group conglomerate.

Bristlecone also provides extensive services such as data services, post go-live managed services, technology integration and customization services as well as business process outsourcing services in supply chain and procurement. In addition, they offer diagnostic services that help check the health and provide tune-ups and upgrades to customers with Supply Chain and Procurement systems. Bristlecone services support the full range of deployment models including on-premise, hosted and cloud models.
“We help our clients to diagnose, design, enable and enhance their operations by encapsulating our years of experience into pre-configured solutions and accelerated deployments for the leading supply chain technologies,” says Ashok Santhanam, President & CEO, Bristlecone.
Bristlecone is a preferred development partner for SAP and Oracle and also provides extensive services to independent software vendors and other channel partners in the sap and oracle ecosystem. Bristlecone continues to respond to the customer needs and is providing extensive value in the domain areas of supply-chain and procurement that intersect with key emerging areas such as Cloud, Mobility, Analytics and Big Data.

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