BPM Transformed From a Process to Being the Heart of the Machine

Anamika Sahu
Thursday, February 11, 2016
Anamika Sahu
With the power-packed benefits that Business Process Management (BPM) brings to the fore, all industries are happily embracing it alike. Though we saw large companies making the first move towards it and garnering the first-mover advantage, it is just now that medium and small businesses realized the need of such technology that will change the course of their business operation. However, the sky-touching prices and heavy demand of technology knowhow always push them back. But with domestic/local companies coming forward to create magnetic BPM solutions that require less technical knowledge has actually lured SMEs to adopt BPM and reap the benefit.

With the untapped marketing being huge, the opportunity of growth is also relatively high. This is well substantiated by Market Research Store. The firm states that the BPM market will touch $10 billion by 2020 from existing $3.4 billion. As the goal of BPM is to reduce human error & miscommunication, and focus stakeholders on the requirements of their roles, the automation of process that adapts more efficiently to collaboration between people and provides interactive process based on exception management is playing a major game changer.

Industries, irrespective of verticals, have started embracing BPM for not just their peace & harmony, but also for growth that's un-captured yet. Acting as a point of connection between the line-of-business and the IT department, BPM comes in different frameworks, namely Horizontal frameworks that deal with design and development of business processes and are focused on technology and reuse, and Vertical framework that focuses on specific set of coordinated tasks and comes with pre-built templates that can be readily configured and deployed.

While it is the calling time for those companies who didn't provide themselves a chance to try their hands on BPM. And for them and all others, we present the latest edition of our issue dedicated to '20 Most Promising Business Process Management Companies - 2016', which will help them choose their best partner to start with. Apart from this, we bring to you the cover story of 'ISSQUARED: Born to Rule the Managed Services World'. Read to know how the company under the leadership of Bala Ramaiah, President & CEO of ISSQUARED is growing high by serving the best and simplest IT solutions to its clients.

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