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May - 2005 - issue > Leadership

Biocon-A Bionic leadership story

Kiran Mazumdar Shaw
Saturday, April 30, 2005
Kiran Mazumdar Shaw
Leadership Style
When I began Biocon I saw Biotechnology as a business opportunity, whereas others didn’t even consider it to be viable. This called for an untested strategy. Leadership is about strategizing.

It is about approaching an opportunity through a strategy. The underlying strategy for us was to match our business development goals according to our company’s mission. This has been the essence of my leadership style.
My strategy was to enter the biotech space through enzymes, which had a relatively low regulatory barrier.

Enzymes are biocatalysts and we believe that business growth is about catalysis. Key catalysts are required at each stage of a company’s growth, commonly referred to as “growth drivers”.

All leaders need not be visionaries and all visionaries need not be leaders. I believe that more than being a visionary, a leader must inspire people, help them share their ideas and aspirations. What is a vision anyway? The vision concept is hyped and overstretched.

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