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Being a Global Manager

Sridhar Jayanthi
Tuesday, October 3, 2006
Sridhar Jayanthi
Breaking from the past where I have focused on all IT professionals, this one specifically addresses the managers in a high tech company. While many of the points discussed are equally valid for non-managers or professionals in a multi-national company of any segment, they are imperative for a manager to succeed in the IT industry.

It used to be sufficient for a manager in India to understand the people dynamics and diverse cultures of the Indian workforce, until India became a global hub for the software industry. The terms management, leadership, communication, relationship, and innovation have a new significance. The diversity now goes beyond our geographical boundaries, and many cultures that are somewhat alien to our own.

Whether you are managing a team or a project, very often you have to interact with peers and counterparts in other countries who may have a different business language and work ethic/culture. Understanding these technical and cultural differences to whatever extent possible will help remove obstacles to global success.

If you were to visit your counterpart teams in other countries, do not lose the opportunity to spend time to understand how things work at that site technically, process-wise, and in terms of work culture. It is easy to concentrate on the current project and return home. It would be wise to take a long term view on learning about the other team’s practices.


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